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Columbia Books continues a strategy of investments in Washington and domain related businesses

Contact: Joel Poznansky
Phone: (301) 875-5655

Arlington VA, March 28th, 2019 – Columbia Books continues its policy of investments in businesses, ranging from pure funding to partnerships that include deploying some of the company’s core data, marketing, training, and other operational competencies.

 “Columbia Books has grown over the years both through full-scale acquisition and integration of businesses and through the creation of new revenue sources, but in the last two years has also begun to make investments in which it has taken minority positions,” said Joel Poznansky, Chairman of CBI Inc.

These investments have ranged from pure financial investments within Washington area real estate, working with one of the top association focused real estate firms to a Washington area events operator to an online consumer retailer. In each case, the location of the business invested in was a factor, but not the sole factor. In the case of the events operator, CBI’s events expertise has been accessed; in the case of the retailer, recent changes in search algorithms have made the publishing expertise required for an active blog far more significant.

“While acquisitions and full partnerships are the preferred method within CBI’s primary areas, minority investments and participation in other businesses are something we are having success with, and are very interested in exploring, particularly where we believe we can add more than just a financial investment.”

About Columbia Books and Information Services Inc: Columbia Books Inc is a Washington based, specialty information provider, serving multiple, discreet, professional groups, including the association community, the grants community and the lobbying and Congressional communities, with a range of services including regulatory information, databases, events, and training.