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eBook Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Thompson eBooks?

Thompson eBooks are digital versions of selected Thompson titles which can be read on portable digital devices, including most of the major types of e-readers (such as the Nook and Sony devices), Amazon Kindle, tablet devices such as iPads, as well as desktop, laptop and other PC and Mac computers.

Thompson eBooks are formatted using Adobe® Digital Editions. Download Adobe® Digital Editions. For a complete list of devices compatible with Adobe® Digital Editions see http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices

2. Can I read eBooks on my Kindle?

You can read mobi files purchased on Thompson using following simple steps
  1. Login at www.thompson.com.
  2. You will see the products you have purchased.
  3. Download the mobi file by clicking on the "Download ebook" link under the title of the book.
  4. After you click on the link, you will be prompted to open or save the mobi file. Save the file on your computer.
  5. Connect your Kindle with your computer using a USB cable. Your Kindle will be available as a Kindle drive on your computer.
  6. Move or copy the mobi file downloaded in Step 4 to the "Documents" folder on your Kindle Drive.
  7. The mobi file will be available from the main menu of your Kindle once the device is disconnected from your computer.

3. How do I access a Thompson eBook?

Thompson eBooks are formatted using Adobe® Digital Editions. If you have not already done so, you should Download Adobe® Digital Editions. This will enable you to view your eBook on your desktop, laptop or other PC/ Mac computer, and to transfer the eBook to certain e-reader devices. Your e-reader device should provide all of the necessary software and instructions to facilitate use of Thompson eBooks.

4. How do I get access to my Thompson eBook?

After you purchase a Thompson eBook, you can download your eBook by logging into the Thompson.com website. You will also receive an email with a link to login directly.

5. What is the return policy?

Thompson Publishing Group does not offer refunds on products that are easily copied. However, if you're not completely satisfied, we will exchange the product in question with another of equal or lesser value. We want to ensure absolute satisfaction.

6. How many times can I download a Thompson eBook?

You can download your eBook up to four times.

7. I have more than one computer, an e-reader and another portable device. Can I read my Thompson eBook on all of these devices?

You are allowed to transfer your Thompson eBooks on up to four devices that support Adobe Digital Editions and that have been licensed to you. The Adobe Digital Editions website provides more details on how to access your eBook library from multiple computers/devices.

8. Can I share my eBook?

No. Thompson eBooks cannot be shared. They are digital publications for your individual use only, and you are not permitted to share, move, copy, reproduce, network or otherwise transfer any Thompson eBooks to any computer or other device of any other person. The terms and conditions of Thompson eBook use are found at the front of your Thompson eBook.

9. What happens if my computer crashes and I lose my digital library?

You may download the file containing an individual Thompson eBook up to four (4) times from your order history on www.thompson.com, and may retrieve a copy using one of your allotted downloads. If you lose your digital library as a result of a crash, please contact us for access at 800-677-3789.

10. Can I transfer or assign my rights to a Thompson eBook?

No. You may not sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, transfer, or assign your rights to the Digital Content or any portion of it to any third party except as expressly permitted by Thompson.

11. Can I copy and print text from my Thompson eBooks?

Unless otherwise indicated:
  • You may copy and paste and print up to twenty pages of text, forms, or appendices combined within 7 days except where otherwise noted for individual titles.
  • Such copy and paste must be for your own use and not distributed to others.
  • You may annotate the text contained in any Thompson eBook.
  • You are not permitted to modify, alter, revise or otherwise change any Thompson eBook.
  • You are not permitted to create derivative works from any Thompson eBook.

12. Do I have to pay shipping, handling or taxes on Thompson eBooks?

No. You do not pay shipping and handling charges for Thompson eBooks. Sales tax for your eBook will be based on your credit card billing address.

13. The hyperlink I clicked on takes me to a site that no longer exists?

Occasionally, government agencies and other organizations change URLs or remove old content, which leads to a particular link being inactive. We at Thompson strive to ensure that the hyperlinks in our eBooks are current, but outside links are out of our control.

14. Will Thompson add more eBook titles?

We are evaluating additional publications to convert to eBooks. Check www.thompson.com for updates.