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Employer's Guide to Self-Insuring Health Benefits

Employer's Guide to Self-Insuring Health Benefits | Healthcare, Self-Insuring, Health Benefits

Thompson’s Employer’s Guide to Self-Insuring Health Benefits analyzes the best ways you can run self-funded plans in light of rising health care costs and, more importantly, how you can now manage your new compliance obligations due to the health care reform law.

With Employer's Guide to Self-Insuring Health Benefits, you can:

  • Understand how your plan can defend and enforce its rights under ERISA
  • Set up and efficiently run a self-funded plan
  • Get the latest analysis on court rulings and regulations, with clear plain-English explanations from leading experts in health benefits law
  • Understand health care reform and how it’s changing the rules you have to follow when running your health plan
  • Stay ahead of the game with updates of news, analysis, practice tools, and newsletters to keep you current on critical developments and trends
  • Save time by using the forms, charts, sample notices and checklists offered in the Guide
  • Contact the editor with unanswered questions — a special resource for customers

Major Topics Covered

Employer’s Guide to Self-Insuring Health Benefits helps you decide whether to implement a self-funded plan and how to keep that plan in compliance with recent federal regulations, court rulings and legislation that could make major and minor changes to plan design. This complete professional resource explains all you need to know about self-funding, from cost-saving options to compliance with federal and state rules.

Featured Topics

  • Setting up and maintaining a self-funded plan
  • Interaction between ERISA, HIPAA, the ADA and the tax code
  • The effect of key court rulings on self-funded plans
  • How crafting clear plan document language protects against lawsuits
  • Federal rules affecting plan administration
  • Federal legislation affecting plan design
  • Lessons learned from administering self-funded plans

Summary of Contents

100 Introduction and Overview
200 Fundamentals of Self-Funding
300 Plan Design
400 Funding
500 Plan Administration
600 Stop-Loss Insurance
700 ERISA and Other Federal Laws
800 Federal Tax Issues
900 Actuarial Issues
1000 State Laws
1100 Model Documents and Forms
Appendix A Federal Statutes
Appendix B Federal Regulations
Appendix Administrative Rulings
Glossary of Terms


Format and Frequency

  • Two-volume manual
  • Monthly updates

About Your Subscription

Your annual subscription includes published updates at no additional charge for the 12-month subscription period. If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact Client Services at 800-677-3789 or by emailing service@thompson.com.


Authors and Editors

Adam V. Russo is the co-founder and CEO of The Phia Group LLC, a cost containment adviser and health plan consulting firm Braintree, Mass. In addition, Russo is the founder and managing partner of The Law Offices of Russo & Minchoff, a full-service law firm with offices in Boston and Braintree, Mass. He is an advisor to the board of directors at the Texas Association of Benefit Administrators and was named to the National Association of Subrogation Professionals Legislative Task Force. Mr. Russo is contributing editor of Thompson’s Employer’s Guide to Self-Insuring Health Benefits.

Editorial Advisory Board for the Employer's Guide to Self-Insuring Health Benefits

Kathryn Bakich, Esq.
The Segal Company
Washington, D.C.

Rich Glass, J.D.
Mercer Health & Benefits LLC

Paul M. Hamburger, Esq.
Proskauer Rose LLP
Washington, D.C.

Jack B. Helitzer, Esq.
Fairfax, Va.

Joanne Hustead, Esq.
The Segal Company
Washington, D.C.

Mark E. Lutes, Esq.
Epstein Becker & Green, P.C.
Washington, D.C.

Peter J. Marathas, Jr., Esq.
Proskauer Rose LLP

James R. Napoli
Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP
Fairfax, Va.

Jon A. Neiditz, Esq.
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Adam V. Russo, Esq.
The Phia Group, LLC

Mark L. Stember, Esq.
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
Washington, D.C.