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GrantsWire: Your Weekly Grants & Regulation Alert

GrantsWire | Funding Opportunities from Governments and Foundations

GrantsWire provides you with all of the just-released grant opportunities of federal agencies and foundations and the latest grant program rules and policies. GrantsWire is the most comprehensive source of grant opportunities available — and it comes directly to you each week.

With GrantsWire, you can:

• Be the first to know of federal, private, and corporate grant opportunities.
• Have the convenience of a well-organized, weekly alert and not be bombarded by a constant stream of emails.
• Make your money work for you with proven tips on the best ways to manage your funds.
• Have INSIDE information. We provide you with hard-to-find contact information.
• Save time. We provide links to take you RIGHT to the announcement, saving you hours of web surfing time.
• Ask for help. Subscribers can call the editor with unanswered questions.


Major Topics Covered

Funding intelligence to stay on top of the grant-winning game! GrantsWire is the most comprehensive source of new funding opportunities and it’s emailed right to your computer!

Created by Thompson Information Services with the busy grant writer in mind, GrantsWire is a new tool to get reliable grants information. It provides you with all of the just-released grant opportunities of federal agencies and foundations. And we also gather for you quick-read intelligence on the latest grant program rules and policies issued by federal agencies.

In one weekly email, you’ll find:

• summaries of federal, private and corporate grant opportunities
• who’s eligible
• how funds can be used
• hard-to-find contact information.
GrantsWire editors spend the time doing the research so you don’t have to!

There’s more: each summary includes a link that takes you right to the announcement (not just to the home page of the agency, foundation or corporation). We’ll get you right to the grant announcement, saving you hours of surfing time!

Here’s what sets GrantsWire far above other email newsletters: GrantsWire is:

• Comprehensive
• Easy to read
• Packed with concise grant intelligence
We won’t bombard you with an email every day, we’ll send you one compact, easy to scan email each week filled with all of the grant opportunities GrantsWire editors have zeroed in on.

Each weekly email also includes just-announced rules that affect how you operate your grant-funded programs. These summaries include all of the pertinent intelligence you need to manage your federally funded programs — including a link to the actual rule!

GrantsWire is the most comprehensive source of grant opportunities available, brought to you by Thompson Information Services, a leader in giving grants professionals practical guidance for more than 30 years.


Format and Frequency

  • 52 weekly emails

About Your Subscription

Your annual subscription includes weekly emails for the 12-month subscription period. 52 emails are expected.


Authors and Editors

Thompson Information Services is the leader in regulatory compliance and guidance since 1972. Thousands of professionals in business, government, law, and academia have relied on Thompson for the most authoritative, timely, and practical guidance available.